Pre-thesis Work

December 9, 2009

Well school has got the best of me the last few months.  I have not done the best on keeping this blog fresh but here is a little update.  After school finished this semester  I went out to L.A. for a week to visit some artists studios, gallery hop, and see some other grad programs.  The six of us from the painting seminar had a wonderful time and it was a real treat to hang out with some full time contemporary artists.  We were able to see Mindy Shapero, Chuck Moffitt, Carlee Fernandez, and Roland Reiss’ studios.  This summer I am hanging in Boulder.  I go to Anderson Ranch for a week long workshop with Charles Long and then I am making some new work and gearing up for my final year here at CU.  I also got nominated for the 2010 M.F.A Fellowship for Painting and Sculpture through the Dedalus Foundation in New York.  Keep your fingers crossed because if I come out with this award it will be worth 20,000 buckaroos, nice after school transition fund.  I also will be participating in another ARTDISTRICT event at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art at the end of August.  That should be exciting.  Here are a few pictures from the studio, events, and travel.


ARTDistrict1  0510091356    0512091135  0512091826  0512091906Quillardsmall


March 1, 2009

The opening this weekend was an absolute blast.  The place was comfortably packed all night and we spilled into the streets afterwards and continued to bar hop and dance.  I will post some images of the event soon but if you are interested in this new boulder art collaborative the website is .  


A New Pet

February 26, 2009

Well I was working on a presentation for ceramic seminar on “My Obsession.”  I don’t think of myself as obsessive, but in the spirit of the assignment, I chose animals.  In assembling this presentation I realized I was in need of a new pet.  So I went and purchased a Ambanja Panther Chameleon. His name is Leland and he is from Madagascar.  In six months or so he should be full grown and if he is in fact a male, he will be all shades of blue.  If he is a female he will be shades of pink and red but only time will tell!


The Day After Groundhog Day!

February 24, 2009

This is the lastest piece titled “The Day After Groundhog Day!”  The animals are sculpted in clay, then covered with fake fur.  Together the animals illustrate two personality types.  One the simple minded carrot solution and his friend, the over-thinker, who creates the camel from many composed and found parts.  In the end it is the simple solution that creates a more monumental and compelling image, tipping a hat to simple imagination.  However, in this event they point hold their eyes on each others shadows, admiring the personality they cannot be and internally longing to be a creature, perhaps, far more epic than a groundhog.  

1groundhogday1  1groundhogday31  1groundhogday21

The World in my Studio…

December 19, 2008

Well.  I have slaved away and finished this set.  I don’t quite know it is what I want but here are a few images that have come out of it so far.  I consider these proofs more than finished works but I am starting to get a since of some of the photographs this set could offer.  We will see what comes out of this one.  


The set turned out to be about twelve feet by five feet deep.  The scale is sort of confusing in the photographs.

meetingblog1  rescue1cliffblog1blogbooby1boobyblog21

Stage Progress…

December 8, 2008

I have been developing the new space for the next story.  So I thought some people might be interested in the process of it all.  It is still in the mix but here are a few images.  See a lot of you for Christmas and for the others thanks for the look.imagetoobject_078  imagetoobject_079  imagetoobject_080  imagetoobject_081

New Mustache, New Work

November 17, 2008

Here is a few shots around the studio.  I am working on a story with the giraffe and the blue footed booby.  The booby is in a locked cage for part of the tale.  More to come on this one soon.


blue1  blue2  blue3  blue4

Here are some images from the construction of the next animal to accompany the blue footed booby.  I am hoping to get this one done by midterms next week.


Blue-Footed Booby

October 12, 2008

I have finished my first animal for my new epic story this semester.  It is a blue footed booby from the Galapagos Islands.  I have not named her yet so if you have any suggestions I am still taking recommendations.