Turkish Food & an Expresso

May 24, 2008

So I woke up today at five in the afternoon.  I couldn’t go to sleep last night and I stayed up until six in the morning.  I am not sure if that is jet lag or just too much coffee however I hit the local neighborhood today to check it out.  I found a coffee shop and had an expresso and asked the owner if he knew of a good place to eat for cheap.  He pointed to a place just up the street.  I wondered up toward it listening to my black boots on the cobblestone sidewalk.  I found the Turkish place however I had no idea what  to order and the guy at the counter didn’t know any English however there was a kid my age sitting and drinking a beer how helped translate and I got a dynamite pita sandwich and a beer for 3.5 Euro.  Good deal.  Then I wondered around some other parts of the neighborhood for a while but I didn’t get lost, got a little exercise, and figured out my new black boots are quite comfortable.  Not bad.

One Response to “Turkish Food & an Expresso”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Tyler – I absolutely love this blog you have set up. Now I can know a little piece of your world everyday in Germany. I am so mad I missed both of your phone calls. Dad & I were sitting out in the driveway when you called the second time. I didn’t even think of taking my phone outside. But now I have your voice saved on my work phone and my cell phone. Not much going on here, I did take Allie for a good long walk yesterday. She really misses you being here. A couple of times I have called your name as if you are coming, and she gets so excited. She runs to the front door looking for you. I decided she was really loving the exercise you gave her, so I thought I should carry on while you were gone. Her and I both should be looking fit by the time you come home!! Dad’s out mowing and then he is going shooting with Randy. I am going to look for more flowers for out front today and work on the yard. Pretty laid back long weekend for us, but it’s nice. Well, I will sign off for now, take care of yourself, I love you son, Mom 🙂

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