Train Rides and Giraffes

May 28, 2008

I have been taking the train around to a few different parts of Berlin the last couple of days.  I went to the ceramic shop to get my materials and I went to an architectural design store called Modular.  In most of these adventures there is not much to talk about, I wonder around, jump on the train ride until my next stop and get out and ride again.  I am getting more comfortable on the train, not stressing ever second wondering if the next stop is mine.  But in all of this the city seems quit in a way, I walk to and from places referring to my map from time to time and just observing.  I do not understand people’s conversations so it is just the thoughts within my own head.  People for the most part on the streets keep to themselves.  They don’t smile or make much eye contact but from time to time I wonder if people are trying to talk to me but I just don’t understand.  I seem to go on and on about this language barrier but it does effect my daily experiences.  I bought a few toy animals yesterday that I like, so I think I am going to start with a series of giraffes.  After all they are the tallest mammals on earth!!

2 Responses to “Train Rides and Giraffes”

  1. Tim Foss said

    Hey ty ty. So glad to have received your blog in my email yesterday. It’s a fantastic cheese and language barrier adventure you’re having. Glad it’s going well. I can only imagine your imaginings. Giraffes, cobblestones, and beer. Such a complicated little mind that’s being given a cottage in the German woods. Your pictures on the blog look great. I hope to see your first creations soon. miss you.


  2. Debby Beard said

    Sorry I have not written. I like the idea of doing giraffes. They are a cool creature to watch and observe. A little tricky getting their necks not to break or crack when working with clay and also their long legs. That should be a challenge to you or a frustration!! Will you be making molds or freeforming with clay? I admire you for having the guts to get out and explore on your own in this confusing city. I can not imagine feeling so lost and confused with the huge language barrier. You have come a long way in navigating in new sorroundings, compared to your skills when you were younger. Your since of direction must be much better now. Allie says “Hi”. She hates it when Dad and I sit at the computer. She has already brought me a ball and her stuffed puppy,trying to get my attention. Everything is going fine here,David and Susie had a great time at the lake. Of course it took Kayla a couple of days to recover, but she is back to normal again. Well I had better sign off and get in the shower. Work awaits me!!!
    I love you, keep smiling. Mom 🙂

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