Memorials and a Meter of Beer

May 30, 2008

Last night was a memorable experience.  It started out simple, I hopped on the train to meet Adrian, then we were going out with some of his friends in Mitte, a young hip part of Germany.  Adrian is a furniture designer and his wife is an American that just left the residency.  So we meet up with his other friends at a bar which has the beers on the wall like a stock market.  The beer prices go up and down depending on who is buying what.  We ordered some beers and a currywurst.  Then later the stock market crashed and we ordered a meter of beer.  It is this beer from Cologne that you must drink cold so they bring them out in small glasses on a wooden tray that is one meter long.  The beer was good.  Then Adrian and I set out on an adventure of our own.  I will post pictures later of these special places when I return to them but unfortunately last night I didn’t have my camera.  We went to Brandenburger Gate, The Russian War Memorial, The Jewish Memorial, and The Sony Center.  Now it was late at night so all of these monuments had a much more stunning look.  The Jewish Memorial is for all of the Jews killed in Germany during the war.  It is an acre or so of cast concrete, about tomb size.  The amazing thing is as you walk into it, the tombs like pillars get progressively larger.  Soon you are in a series of caverns.  So, So incredible.  The pictures will help.  Then Adrian and I walked on them.  They are about a yard or so apart so you can jump from one to the other.  Finally I made it to the center and was probably twenty or twenty five feet off the ground.  Adrian said you can’t walk on them during the day but he has seen others doing it at night.  All of these experiences there are constant reminders of the history of Berlin.  You see a piece of the Berlin wall, or a line of bricks that are paved in a different color to represent the wall that was once there.  Old Buildings are incorporated into new ones under glass to preserve it.  All of the memorials….. Quite an experience last night.

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