Castle Ride

June 29, 2008


I took a short ride to a local castle.  Hans Christian Anderson stayed in it a while.  Quite a storyteller!!


June 29, 2008

Yesterday we spend the whole day in and out of lectures, watching demonstrations, and finally eating dinner.  I have had many more good times with the people her.   After dinner we played soccer at the park.  We had five on five on this basketball court with soccer goals and wood walls.  It was a blast to just drink some beers and run around.  Some little kids came from the neighborhood and joined in as well.  We played until dark and then came back to slowly transition off the tables of casual conversation and wine to a full out dance party.  We were twenty or so strong on the floor and we had a variety of talents, ages, and moves going on.  I went to bed at 5:30 in the morning.  Some night.


Sun Koo is a korean artist who teaches at the University of Georgia in Athens.  He sculpts his assembled characters and animals out of these ink drawings.  Good soccer player and a really honest and genuine person.  I enjoy his work as well.

Sten is a living legend in danish ceramics.  He really loves animals and he makes these little boxes with animals on the top.  He is deaf and he only speaks danish but with a little help from others he realized that I sculpt animals as well.  So a last two nights I worked on a small collaboration with Sten.  I sculpted a frog catching a cloud with his long sticky tongue.  Then he made the box and we put them together.  In trade he game me one of his little animals boxes that he had made.  I feel so grateful to have met this man.  Sometimes it is difficult to describe a person’s character and personality but I can say that I have truly enjoyed spending the moments I did have with him.

This woman is a Romanian artist.  She showed the seminar how to cast parts of the body.  It was interesting to hear her stories growing up in Romania and the casting demos.

I think  you could chalk this day up as a memorable one.

Euro to Kroner

June 26, 2008

I arrived at the International Ceramic Research Center in Skaeskor today.  Skaeskor is a small fishing village on the coast of Denmark.  It is such a nice break from the hussle and bussle of Berlin.  The people here are so friendly.  Today deborah and I asked a woman on the street where the center was.  She knew where it was but her Danish was better than her English so she flagged down another person on the street herself to answer and solve this question.  At the center there is around fifteen artists working her and there will be another fifteen arriving for the conference.  The artists here are quite warm.  They have this communal system of cooking that is just out of this world.  Each person has to cook one dinner every two weeks.  So when it is your turn you don’t mess around.  Tonight we had this Oriental salad, Chicken Curry, Spring Rolls with shrimp and mangos, and of course a cup of jo and some lime pie for dessert.  I had a big belly and a grin to match.  Here is a picture of all twenty two of us sitting around eating together.  It was a good introduction to the quality and kindness of this residency.  

Tomorrow I am going to bike around and explore some more.  So I will post some more pictures of the town.

This picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but maybe it will give you a little feeling.




June 25, 2008

I turned on the studio work juice a few days ago to get a new image for the show card.  But I was unable to get a piece photo worthy.  Sometimes that is how it goes.  No big deal, I can use a picture from the Artificium Project.  I think I will incorporate a version of that story and photographs into the show.  Since no one here has seen it.  I have been working on this paper hot air balloon shape.  Here is a few studio shots of the first part of the balloon.  Greg’s legs decided to blow up in the kiln, so I have a little epoxy work ahead of me but I think it can be done.  I saw a hedgehog last night outside the studio with Thomas.  It was about four feet from me.  It was a fine late night surprise.  He just kept rummaging through the bushing eating insects, he didn’t seem to mind us.  I leave for Copenhagen in the morning.  I am excited to see a danish city.


And those legs for days…

I ventured to the technology museum a few days ago.  It was a very nice arrangement of old boats, brewery parts, film, photo, flight, car, and train histories.  The museum is quite new so it feels organized and even somewhat fancy.  It has many interactive qualities which I do enjoy.  They had four of Otto Lilienthal’s glider’s who is a crazy Germany who created gliders off of studies from birds in 1893.  He crushed his spine on one of his experimental flights, just like charlie the dog, what a way to go out.  I have been working in the studio on a hippo and a small penguin.  I also bought some wood slats to build a small cart for the hippo.  I also bought this hot air balloon pattern at the technology museum so I think I am going to construct some balloon shapes out of paper.  I leave for Denmark on Thursday for that seminar I posted earlier about, I will also spend a few days in Copenhagen.  It will be a nice break from Berlin.  Our show cards go to the designer on next Monday so I have to get an image together for the show before I leave.  It can be done.  It is helpful to have a deadline.


Here is Otto.


A fabulous folk tale flying ship and an old submarine.


An old aerodynamic machine and the outside train depot with a one of a kind watertower.


An innovative boat arrangement and a train car from the Third Reich.  They even had all of the Nazi tableware and the train servers and engineer’s clothing (all with the Eagle on the Swastika memorabilia).

It was a bummer this museum didn’t publish a catalogue because I would have most certainly bought it.

A Week’s Worth

June 19, 2008

It has been a week of misc. adventures and slow relaxing days.  Deborah and I have been taking it easy.  We went around and saw a few churches.  We went out to an old farm place with cows, goats, and chickens.  In wondering through Berlin we stumpled on some odd architecture.  Went to a free concert in the park by the castle down the street.  Worked in the studio some.  Reading books.  Giving Thomas trouble in him and Kaja’s studio.  In the end the week has went by lightning quick, some of the adventures fun and the others where fair, and some just made my feet hurt and my belly growl.  I had some Turkish food that was very good.  Here is a few pics to give you a visual reference.  It feels good to update you all.  I will get back into writing again.


These are images of a church from the 17th Century.  The best part was the graves that surrounded it.  Each grave was maintained by the families so they all had freshly planted flowers and trees.  It made a beautiful landscape to remember people that are now gone.

Deborah with a little impromptu cookie making during some Harry Potter movie time.  The movie selection is running thin unless you love Edison with Justin Timberlake and LL Cool J or The Fast and the Furious.  She is a great cook so we have been eating well (So don’t worry about me Dad…).  We have cooked chinese, curry dishes, fondue, and some crepes for breakfast.

Nice little building.  Yep it just sits up there all by itself.  Very cool.


This is an old church that has been converted into a small convention center.  It is a little strange but really cool to wonder through.  They have these glass offices and things incorporated into the existing architecture, a cafe, and the main area where church would be is a place for presentations and performances.  The coffee shop will have to be revisited.

Finally, a picture of Thomas working in his studio.  In the end that is where I end up.  Next week I go to Denmark.  Tomorrow I will go to the Jewish Museum and the Museum of Technology.  


Lamb and Euro Cup

June 14, 2008

Last night Deborah and I hit the town.  It was Thursday which is free museum day from 6-10.  We went to the Guggenheim and then to the National Gallery and the Pergammon Museum.  The Guggenheim was a let down and I could same similar for the other two.  However all the museum hopping had worked up quite an appetite in both of us so we went and snatched up some Indian Food a few blocks from the museums.  Germany played yesterday so the town was crazy.  Every bar and restaurant has flat screens everywhere so people can watch the game.  I believe we won because I didn’t hear much cussing or rage as the night went on.  We went to a beer garden after dinner.  We had a beer and sat about fifteen feet off the ground on this scaffolding system.  It was a nice spot for a cold one.  Tonight I cooked a little chinese, worked in the studio, and watched Jackie Brown.  I did also get a friendly invite from a friend of mine who is in Denmark at another ceramic residency.  So I might be going up there in a few weeks for a figurative ceramics conference.  Here is the advertisement.  It looks like it could be a nice experience.

New Artist Has Arrived

June 12, 2008

Well today I went to the ceramic shop with Kaja, Deborah, and myself.  Deborah Swartskoff just arrived today. It is nice to have another artist around.  I worked on crowns tonight in the studio and got two put together.  I am started to make treasure for my wealthy giraffe.  I need to make some coins, shields, and maybe a few small vases.  I only have another week until I need an image for the show card so it is time to get busy.  I am hoping to get Greg and all of his treasure on it.  Tomorrow is free gallery afternoon so I might do a little museum shopping.  Here is a picture of Bodil and Luna.  They are Thomas and Kaja’s two girls playing in the gallery.  The adventures have slowed a little for now but it is nice to just be in and around the studio


Relaxing Evening

June 9, 2008

Today I rearranged my room and picked it up.  I did the same in the kitchen.  It feels a little more like my place now and I like that.  It was if today I realized that this will be my home of sorts for the next eight weeks and it feels more like that now.  Tonight I had dinner with Jessica, Adrian, Tillman, Kaja, Thomas, and a few other friends.  It was a going away party for Adrian and Jessica.  Adrian is a furniture designer who has worked with Tillman in Berlin designing wood playgrounds for children.  Jessica was on a fellowship from the German government for the last year at The Ceramic Centre working and doing research.  They are both very nice and Adrian has shown me some fine adventures around the city.  In all of it though it was just so special to sit around and be with these people tonight.  Sometimes the conversation was in German but with the smiles and laughter you feel apart of it all and other times you hear Thomas make jokes or Kaja make funny puns about German language to American.  For Example when she arrived in the states one joke is when people tell their dogs to go outside they say “go potty” But Kaja had this popular stereotype that Americans are big party people so she always assumed that the family were telling there dog to “go party.”  So at a point tonight Kaja says “nice party.”  We all got it, and with the German accent it is quite funny.  Anyway, we sat around candlelight tonight drinking wine and beer, eating cheese, and just being together, it was what I like, and I enjoyed it.

Storybook Update

June 8, 2008

I have posted the first 10 out of 42 pages of the storybook created from the Artificium project.  I will continue to update it in a few days.