The Cloud Making Machine

June 1, 2008

Last night I went over to Dave and Erin’s for a BBQ.  O’ yah a little hamburger in Berlin, not bad at all.  Today I went to the Flea Market.  It was crazy.  They had everything there.  They had your standard old guy with all of these objects straight out of the basement.  Also you had young artists selling there own lines of handmade clothing.  You all must know how I like junk, so I bought a few things for my cloud making machine.  It is part of this story I am putting together with my giraffe.  He will have a machine that transforms objects into clouds.  Then after the flea market I played ultimate in the park.  The parks here are soooo full of people.  They are sun bathing, kids playing, and just couples laying around on blankets.  On the top of the park hill is a huge anti aircraft gunning station still standing from the Third Reich.  It felt good to toss the frisbee for a while.  Then I came home took a nap and read a book for most of the night.  The Old man and the Sea is not bad Cameron.  A nice little sunday.

One Response to “The Cloud Making Machine”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Tyler-Today was the Eastland reunion. It was at the Sadle Club, so that made it nice not to have to travel so far to the Grange hall past Gardner. I went by myself, Dad was busy working in the yard and grilling ribs for dinner. David had a soccer game at 12:00, so him and Susie did not come either. All my siblings were there, which made Grandma happy. It was nice to visit with my Aunts & Uncles. My cousins have so many grandkids it is ridicioulous. That’s OK, I still have a spoiled rotten four legged grandkid. David & Susie came over for dinner tonight. Susie’s first barbequed ribs of the summer. Of course Dad cooked filets, and I made good old deviled eggs. It was a good dinner and a nice visit with the kids. Kayla was very excited to be visiting also. David’s air conditioner quit on him, but a friend has found a bargain used air & heater unit that is only 3 years old. Hopefully that all works out for them, apparently heating units are pretty darn expensive. Not to much else happened this weekend. Uncle Derrick comes into town on Thursday of this week to visit for the weekend. Brandy, his wife’s daughter, is getting married. They are supposed to be staying at our house part of the weekend. Well I am going to sign off for now. I will talk with you later.
    Love you, keep writing, Mom 🙂

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