Giraffe & Cloud Machine Parts

June 5, 2008

Well I have been working hard the last three or four days now on my giraffe.  He is slowly taking shape.  We will see how he stands when I take away his support system.  I have also posted my cloud machine parts and my little model.  A full size model just would fit in the studio.  So funny.  You know me… You see me…  I think Greg could be my giraffe’s name  


One Response to “Giraffe & Cloud Machine Parts”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Ty – Love the beer bottle. How funny is that!!! It looks like you are freeforming your new creation “Greg”. He looks pretty tall compared to the little model. How tall is he going to be? So far, he is looking very good. I love his cute face and the muscle tone that is showing. The parts for the cloud machine look interesting. I like the new direction on this piece. It is totally different then anything else you have done. I smiled when you talked about the cloud machine. Clouds have always fascinated you. Lately when I have been on a plane, I like sitting next to the window. When I look out and see the clouds it makes me think of you. I’ve wondered what actually goes through your artistic mind when you look out that window in the sky. I remember the one piece that you wanted to do, when people could walk and climb on clouds that were life size. Well I need to go, need to get ready for work. Uncle Derrick comes in today.
    I love you, give yourself a hug from me, Mom 🙂

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