Dinosaurs and Dodos

June 6, 2008

So I went to the Natural History Museum today in Berlin.  They just renovated the whole thing and it was really nice.  They had taxidermy leaking out of every nook and cranny, they had a few dinosaurs, and some planets and fossils.  I got the biggest kick out of all the animals.  They had extinct animals and a wide variety of animals who still roam the earth .  I saw this zebra/horse thing from 1812 and a dodo bird.  It was so bizarre.  A lot of the pictures kind of suck because the lighting there was really dim.  I think it helps to preserve the taxidermy.  The Natural History Museum is in corporation with the Humboldt University of Berlin.  I went upstairs and they have two full floors of large rooms with birds, jars, animals, and everything. The image with the snappy turtle is one of these rooms.  I fell in love with a little creature that I discovered today.  It is a pangolin.  I think I am going to make one after the giraffe.  They are like an anteater with scales.  I also went to a Contemporary Art Gallery and saw some Anselm Kieffer and Wolfgang Tillman.  Yes the Tillman table top works are just as impressive as they are in the pictures.  I also saw some David Weiss photographs.  They were very nice.  A long row of small photos that slowly took you on a visual narrative. Hard to explain but it was well done.  I didn’t have my camera.  A picture would be worth the thousand I don’t have right now.


One Response to “Dinosaurs and Dodos”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Tyler-First,before I forget again, your man got the democratic nomination. Obama is in and working on picking his vice president. He just met with Clinton tonight, but big secret what they really talked about. Some are saying a Obama/Clinton ticket would be a sure win for the democrates and others are saying she brings to much baggage with her. Didn’t know if you had been keeping up with the race since you have been in Germany. I was so surprised to hear you got a big kick out of the animals at the museum!!! Also finding a unique animal with texture (pangolin)!!! No wonder you were so interested in this new creature. Derrick & Janet arrived safely. We are all going to wedding reception Saturday night. It’s late, I’m tired, going to bed. Was just surprised to see new message on your blog tonight.
    Love as always, new Vans look sweet…..Mom 🙂

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