Obama Up, Seal Down

June 8, 2008

The last few days have been pretty easy going.  I have been working in the studio on my giraffe, reading a little, and I went to the hardware store a couple of times.  Today was a crucial day in the building of Greg, my ceramic giraffe,  I took most of the wooden support system out from underneath his belly.  To my surprise he stands quite well.  I will take the clay wads off his feet tomorrow and we can only hope he will last through the kiln.  That is the real test.  Here are a few photos of his first steps.  I also read in the new today that the government has officially declared the Caribbean Monk Seal extinct.  I think I might make a set of commemorative cups for this fine creature of the sea.  But on the flip side Obama got the support of Hilary, I am glad someone finally explained to her that she lost.  


One Response to “Obama Up, Seal Down”

  1. Mathew said

    amen, brother. obama-time!

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