Relaxing Evening

June 9, 2008

Today I rearranged my room and picked it up.  I did the same in the kitchen.  It feels a little more like my place now and I like that.  It was if today I realized that this will be my home of sorts for the next eight weeks and it feels more like that now.  Tonight I had dinner with Jessica, Adrian, Tillman, Kaja, Thomas, and a few other friends.  It was a going away party for Adrian and Jessica.  Adrian is a furniture designer who has worked with Tillman in Berlin designing wood playgrounds for children.  Jessica was on a fellowship from the German government for the last year at The Ceramic Centre working and doing research.  They are both very nice and Adrian has shown me some fine adventures around the city.  In all of it though it was just so special to sit around and be with these people tonight.  Sometimes the conversation was in German but with the smiles and laughter you feel apart of it all and other times you hear Thomas make jokes or Kaja make funny puns about German language to American.  For Example when she arrived in the states one joke is when people tell their dogs to go outside they say “go potty” But Kaja had this popular stereotype that Americans are big party people so she always assumed that the family were telling there dog to “go party.”  So at a point tonight Kaja says “nice party.”  We all got it, and with the German accent it is quite funny.  Anyway, we sat around candlelight tonight drinking wine and beer, eating cheese, and just being together, it was what I like, and I enjoyed it.

2 Responses to “Relaxing Evening”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Tyler-Sunday, June 8th was a teriffic day. It started with me going to David’s soccer game. Sus & I sat in lawn chairs, enjoying the sun, having great conversation and watching David play with old and new teammates. Then I was disappointed to hear I had missed your call. But your father, knowing how much we miss you, went and purchased the web cam. While I was napping, trying to play catch up to sleep missed, while entertaining relatives, your Dad connects with you on Skype. I am awaken with your smiling face on our computer. It was such a great experience, getting to talk and see you at the same time. Technology is just amazing!!! It truely was a blessed day and one I will not forget for a long time. Time with my kids is such a treasure to me and I am always thankfull that my children enjoy my company. Take care of yourself and know how precious you, David and Susie are to both me and your Dad.
    I Love you…….Mom 🙂

  2. sorewing said

    Hey Tyler. Sorry to hear about the Monk seal a few days ago, but we’re all totally psyched that Obama is really the deal. Since we all knew he was.

    Also, Greg kicks total ass! Hope he stays upright through the hottest desert any giraffe has ever safari-ed through. Good luck with that. What’s next?

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