New Artist Has Arrived

June 12, 2008

Well today I went to the ceramic shop with Kaja, Deborah, and myself.  Deborah Swartskoff just arrived today. It is nice to have another artist around.  I worked on crowns tonight in the studio and got two put together.  I am started to make treasure for my wealthy giraffe.  I need to make some coins, shields, and maybe a few small vases.  I only have another week until I need an image for the show card so it is time to get busy.  I am hoping to get Greg and all of his treasure on it.  Tomorrow is free gallery afternoon so I might do a little museum shopping.  Here is a picture of Bodil and Luna.  They are Thomas and Kaja’s two girls playing in the gallery.  The adventures have slowed a little for now but it is nice to just be in and around the studio


One Response to “New Artist Has Arrived”

  1. Mathew said

    great! i didn’t know deb was going to be there with you for the summer. make sure that tell her that i said hello. she’s really great, and a wonderful person to have around the studio. i’m sure you crazy kids will get along swimmingly.

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