A Week’s Worth

June 19, 2008

It has been a week of misc. adventures and slow relaxing days.  Deborah and I have been taking it easy.  We went around and saw a few churches.  We went out to an old farm place with cows, goats, and chickens.  In wondering through Berlin we stumpled on some odd architecture.  Went to a free concert in the park by the castle down the street.  Worked in the studio some.  Reading books.  Giving Thomas trouble in him and Kaja’s studio.  In the end the week has went by lightning quick, some of the adventures fun and the others where fair, and some just made my feet hurt and my belly growl.  I had some Turkish food that was very good.  Here is a few pics to give you a visual reference.  It feels good to update you all.  I will get back into writing again.


These are images of a church from the 17th Century.  The best part was the graves that surrounded it.  Each grave was maintained by the families so they all had freshly planted flowers and trees.  It made a beautiful landscape to remember people that are now gone.

Deborah with a little impromptu cookie making during some Harry Potter movie time.  The movie selection is running thin unless you love Edison with Justin Timberlake and LL Cool J or The Fast and the Furious.  She is a great cook so we have been eating well (So don’t worry about me Dad…).  We have cooked chinese, curry dishes, fondue, and some crepes for breakfast.

Nice little building.  Yep it just sits up there all by itself.  Very cool.


This is an old church that has been converted into a small convention center.  It is a little strange but really cool to wonder through.  They have these glass offices and things incorporated into the existing architecture, a cafe, and the main area where church would be is a place for presentations and performances.  The coffee shop will have to be revisited.

Finally, a picture of Thomas working in his studio.  In the end that is where I end up.  Next week I go to Denmark.  Tomorrow I will go to the Jewish Museum and the Museum of Technology.  


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