Gliders, a Hippo, and a Penguin

June 22, 2008

I ventured to the technology museum a few days ago.  It was a very nice arrangement of old boats, brewery parts, film, photo, flight, car, and train histories.  The museum is quite new so it feels organized and even somewhat fancy.  It has many interactive qualities which I do enjoy.  They had four of Otto Lilienthal’s glider’s who is a crazy Germany who created gliders off of studies from birds in 1893.  He crushed his spine on one of his experimental flights, just like charlie the dog, what a way to go out.  I have been working in the studio on a hippo and a small penguin.  I also bought some wood slats to build a small cart for the hippo.  I also bought this hot air balloon pattern at the technology museum so I think I am going to construct some balloon shapes out of paper.  I leave for Denmark on Thursday for that seminar I posted earlier about, I will also spend a few days in Copenhagen.  It will be a nice break from Berlin.  Our show cards go to the designer on next Monday so I have to get an image together for the show before I leave.  It can be done.  It is helpful to have a deadline.


Here is Otto.


A fabulous folk tale flying ship and an old submarine.


An old aerodynamic machine and the outside train depot with a one of a kind watertower.


An innovative boat arrangement and a train car from the Third Reich.  They even had all of the Nazi tableware and the train servers and engineer’s clothing (all with the Eagle on the Swastika memorabilia).

It was a bummer this museum didn’t publish a catalogue because I would have most certainly bought it.

One Response to “Gliders, a Hippo, and a Penguin”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Hey kid, how are you today. Thought I needed to write, even though we talked Friday night. This last weekend was a very productive weekend for Dad and I. I helped Dad with the yard on Saturday, finished trimming up all the bushes and doing major trimming up on the creek. The whole yard, front and back looks very clean and manicured. I started laundry on Sunday, and got all Dad’s shirts ironed up. Dad took turns with the cars getting them washed at Turtle Wax and then we did the grocery store run. We really didn’t do anything fun, but it was nice to get so much done and off our plates. I’m sure you are getting excited about going to Denmark. I talked to David yesterday and their flight does not get in until late on Wednesday night. So you probably won’t be able to talk to them on Skype until you get back from your trip. They have had a great time on vacation, and are shipping and carry on the plane wine they have picked up from the vineyards. I guess you can only buy wine by the bottle at the wineries. You have to join their wine clubs to purchase on line, so it is easier just to purchase when you are there. I have really enjoyed having Kayla here this week. Mutt and Jeff follow me everywere I go and Kayla has started to join in with Allie racing your Dad up the steps to bed. It’s very funny because Kayla trys to start up the steps as your Dad says 1 , 2 , 3…..before he actually says go !! She hasn’t quite figured out it is a actual race, but she wants to be involved also. Well I better start getting ready for work, just wanted to say I love You. Hope your firing went well on Greg. Mom 🙂

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