June 25, 2008

I turned on the studio work juice a few days ago to get a new image for the show card.  But I was unable to get a piece photo worthy.  Sometimes that is how it goes.  No big deal, I can use a picture from the Artificium Project.  I think I will incorporate a version of that story and photographs into the show.  Since no one here has seen it.  I have been working on this paper hot air balloon shape.  Here is a few studio shots of the first part of the balloon.  Greg’s legs decided to blow up in the kiln, so I have a little epoxy work ahead of me but I think it can be done.  I saw a hedgehog last night outside the studio with Thomas.  It was about four feet from me.  It was a fine late night surprise.  He just kept rummaging through the bushing eating insects, he didn’t seem to mind us.  I leave for Copenhagen in the morning.  I am excited to see a danish city.


And those legs for days…

One Response to “Legs=Bummer”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Tyler- So sorry to hear about Greg’s leg problems. Have a fun time in Denmark. Stay safe and I will be waiting to read about your new travels. All my love, Mom 🙂

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