June 29, 2008

Yesterday we spend the whole day in and out of lectures, watching demonstrations, and finally eating dinner.  I have had many more good times with the people her.   After dinner we played soccer at the park.  We had five on five on this basketball court with soccer goals and wood walls.  It was a blast to just drink some beers and run around.  Some little kids came from the neighborhood and joined in as well.  We played until dark and then came back to slowly transition off the tables of casual conversation and wine to a full out dance party.  We were twenty or so strong on the floor and we had a variety of talents, ages, and moves going on.  I went to bed at 5:30 in the morning.  Some night.


Sun Koo is a korean artist who teaches at the University of Georgia in Athens.  He sculpts his assembled characters and animals out of these ink drawings.  Good soccer player and a really honest and genuine person.  I enjoy his work as well.

Sten is a living legend in danish ceramics.  He really loves animals and he makes these little boxes with animals on the top.  He is deaf and he only speaks danish but with a little help from others he realized that I sculpt animals as well.  So a last two nights I worked on a small collaboration with Sten.  I sculpted a frog catching a cloud with his long sticky tongue.  Then he made the box and we put them together.  In trade he game me one of his little animals boxes that he had made.  I feel so grateful to have met this man.  Sometimes it is difficult to describe a person’s character and personality but I can say that I have truly enjoyed spending the moments I did have with him.

This woman is a Romanian artist.  She showed the seminar how to cast parts of the body.  It was interesting to hear her stories growing up in Romania and the casting demos.

I think  you could chalk this day up as a memorable one.

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  1. Aunt Sherry said

    Tyler – It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to catch up on your blog. What a warm feeling it left me with as I read about your latest adventures. One of my favorites was reading about today – 6/29. It’s amazing the people you have been able to meet and interact with. Keep enjoying your time there. Love ya! Aunt Sherry

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