Castle Ride

June 29, 2008


I took a short ride to a local castle.  Hans Christian Anderson stayed in it a while.  Quite a storyteller!!


One Response to “Castle Ride”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Good Morning,Tyler,I hope this note finds you feeling truely blessed for this experience you are able to take part in. I am so glad you are writing this blog, a journal of all the amazing people you have come in contact with on this trip. I could tell you were in awe of Sten, he really touched your heart. I’m sure now you and Deborah are so glad you decided to go to the conference in Denmark. I loved the big smiling picture of you in front of the castle. I’m sure someone had to say something pretty funny to get you to smile so big in a picture!!! Dad left this morning for Lake of the Ozarks. He will be working there for a while trying to get the house finished. Garrison has been trying to take care of running the building of this guy’s home since last summer. It’s a mess and Dad has to get things under control. David is going to stay in KC for now, maybe joining Dad later. So it’s just me and Allie on the home front. Dad is going to meet me at the lake this weekend, at Grandma & Grandpa’s. Allie gets to spend the weekend with Kayla. It sounds like it’s going to be a full house at the lake, but it should be fun. Well I had better sign off and get in the shower. David wants to set up a time for Skype. He is wanting to talk to you. Let us know a good time for you and he will come to my house. I love you, Mom 🙂

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