Professional Sideburns

July 24, 2008

I just wanted to post this little image for all of you people who think you know what sideburns look like.  Jones, Sasha’s husband, has them and he makes most people’s facial hair look like a joke.  Specifically this one is for you Danny and Camo.  Take notes!!!

Holocaust Memorial

July 24, 2008

After Obama’s speech Jones and I stumpled through the Holocaust Memorial.  Some of you loyal blog readers might remember the tale early on of Aidrian and I walking on top of the monument from one end to the other but here are some pictures to see its scale and its cubie cubeness.


Obama in Berlin!

July 24, 2008

I went and saw Obama speak today at the Victory Column alongside 200,000 other Berliners.  Wow.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love anymore.  John McCain might as well quit now before his Depends get wet.


July 24, 2008

I thought this image was a nice conclusion to Deborah and I’s show.  A little poster weaved into the fabric of a Berlin stop light post.


July 20, 2008

Well, I made it.  The opening happened and Deborah and I enjoyed it.  I am going to sleep now.  Here is some images of my piece.  I put Greg in the show and my storybook from the Artificium Project.  People seemed to really enjoy it.  I will post some better images soon.


Hippo Loaf

July 15, 2008

I have been working on Greg for the last few days.  The surgery on his legs were a success and the dowels matched up well.  I am happy with the way the felt is coming along but it is rather time consuming.  But it is what I must do.  I am loading my final kiln tomorrow to bisque everything.  Then it is paint, paint, paint, and all of the room temperature glazing I can handle until Sunday.  The cards were all sent out today.  They turned out really nice.  They also printed these larger posters that are pretty slick.  All things considered I am still kickin and getting some sleep.  We will see how that comes along later in the week.

Here is some of Deborah’s greenware… 


Here is the brick wall for the graffiti snails ( they leave paint trails instead of slim trails), Greg in the mix, and a Hippo I am drying in the oven.  He will be yelling into the big brass trumpet shape I found at the flea market.


Postcard has arrived.

July 10, 2008



Stu. Stu. Studio!!

July 9, 2008

It has been mostly studio studio studio these days.  I have been working on the cloud machine for Greg’s back and a few other ideas.  The show is in a week and a half.  Late nights and coffee pots full of goodness.  O man how I love deadlines…





and Me…  Who said I don’t have any carpenter in me??

I must end this post with a very special thank you to my most loving and supportive fan. Thank you so very much mother for the package and T-shirt.  It is truly great.  What an unexpected surprise.  XOXO

Beers and Bears

July 2, 2008

I spent a few days in Copenhagen.  We were hosted by a few Danes of another artist working at the ceramic center in Berlin. It was nice to hang out with some locals.  I didn’t feel like playing tourist so I just hung out, wondered around, read a book, and drank a few cold ones in a few different neighborhoods.  Danish people speak english very well so the language wasn’t a problem.  I met a few locals one night at a bar and have a long list of stories.  They bought me a few beers and one guy told me a story about when he was thirteen in Greenland him and his friend were out hunting.  They both had sleds pulled by dogs.  Out of no where come a polar bear.  After it tore the heads off four of his friends dogs and had attacked and killed three of his he shot it three times and killed it.  Can you imagine?  He said he shit his pants, no joke!!  If you could see this guys face there was no doubt it was nothing but truth.  

I traveled for a good part of the afternoon and arrived back in Berlin.  It is time to get to work.  Our show is in two and a half weeks.  Scary!!!!