Stu. Stu. Studio!!

July 9, 2008

It has been mostly studio studio studio these days.  I have been working on the cloud machine for Greg’s back and a few other ideas.  The show is in a week and a half.  Late nights and coffee pots full of goodness.  O man how I love deadlines…





and Me…  Who said I don’t have any carpenter in me??

I must end this post with a very special thank you to my most loving and supportive fan. Thank you so very much mother for the package and T-shirt.  It is truly great.  What an unexpected surprise.  XOXO

One Response to “Stu. Stu. Studio!!”

  1. Aunt Sherry said

    I just spoke to your mom and she is so excited that you finally got the t-shirts. She’s been waiting a long time for the surprise. Hopefully your new t-shirt will help inspire you during those long days and nights until the show. I can’t wait to see the final product.

    Aunt Sherry

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