Obama in Berlin!

July 24, 2008

I went and saw Obama speak today at the Victory Column alongside 200,000 other Berliners.  Wow.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love anymore.  John McCain might as well quit now before his Depends get wet.


One Response to “Obama in Berlin!”

  1. Debby Beard said

    Ty – You had talked about going to see Obama, but I didn’t know for sure if you were going to go. Aunt Sherry called me when she heard he was in Berlin on Thursday. I told her what you had said, and was suprised to see pictures on your blog when I got home. I called Grandma & Grandpa to let them know you had gone and Grandma said they were wondering if you new he was in Berlin. Grandma still doesn’t know what to think of the canidates. Sounds like you need to do some campaigning when you get home!! I have seen TV advertising Slattery’s dad, Jim, for the Senate this week. How is Mike’s campaigning going? Well enough about politics, need to get in the shower. Will be at the lake this weekend with Kings, Matt and David & Susie. I am soooooo ready for a relaxing weekend. Take care of yourself in your travels. Remember not to be to trusting of people you don’t really know. I love you, bud. Mom 🙂

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