The World in my Studio…

December 19, 2008

Well.  I have slaved away and finished this set.  I don’t quite know it is what I want but here are a few images that have come out of it so far.  I consider these proofs more than finished works but I am starting to get a since of some of the photographs this set could offer.  We will see what comes out of this one.  


The set turned out to be about twelve feet by five feet deep.  The scale is sort of confusing in the photographs.

meetingblog1  rescue1cliffblog1blogbooby1boobyblog21

Stage Progress…

December 8, 2008

I have been developing the new space for the next story.  So I thought some people might be interested in the process of it all.  It is still in the mix but here are a few images.  See a lot of you for Christmas and for the others thanks for the look.imagetoobject_078  imagetoobject_079  imagetoobject_080  imagetoobject_081