The Day After Groundhog Day!

February 24, 2009

This is the lastest piece titled “The Day After Groundhog Day!”  The animals are sculpted in clay, then covered with fake fur.  Together the animals illustrate two personality types.  One the simple minded carrot solution and his friend, the over-thinker, who creates the camel from many composed and found parts.  In the end it is the simple solution that creates a more monumental and compelling image, tipping a hat to simple imagination.  However, in this event they point hold their eyes on each others shadows, admiring the personality they cannot be and internally longing to be a creature, perhaps, far more epic than a groundhog.  

1groundhogday1  1groundhogday31  1groundhogday21

One Response to “The Day After Groundhog Day!”

  1. timofahler said

    tyler, this is my favorite of your works to date! I miss you brethren. Keep a pretty smile on your face, thanks for everyhting.

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