Images and Other Updates

June 8, 2009

Well school has got the best of me the last few months.  I have not done the best on keeping this blog fresh but here is a little update.  After school finished this semester  I went out to L.A. for a week to visit some artists studios, gallery hop, and see some other grad programs.  The six of us from the painting seminar had a wonderful time and it was a real treat to hang out with some full time contemporary artists.  We were able to see Mindy Shapero, Chuck Moffitt, Carlee Fernandez, and Roland Reiss’ studios.  This summer I am hanging in Boulder.  I go to Anderson Ranch for a week long workshop with Charles Long and then I am making some new work and gearing up for my final year here at CU.  I also got nominated for the 2010 M.F.A Fellowship for Painting and Sculpture through the Dedalus Foundation in New York.  Keep your fingers crossed because if I come out with this award it will be worth 20,000 buckaroos, nice after school transition fund.  I also will be participating in another ARTDISTRICT event at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art at the end of August.  That should be exciting.  Here are a few pictures from the studio, events, and travel.


ARTDistrict1  0510091356    0512091135  0512091826  0512091906Quillardsmall

One Response to “Images and Other Updates”

  1. timofahler said

    hey hippie! i wish id known you were in LA seeing as how im in LA! we should catch-up my friend, timo

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