Waking Up The Blog

August 23, 2008

It has been some time since I have added any thoughts to this blog.  I arrived back in Kansas City from Berlin, spent time with family and friends, and then made my way back to Boulder.  Since being back in Boulder I have been doing my best to enjoy the space in and around the city.  Matt and I have been doing a fine amount of fishing, hiking, bike riding, and a little bit of cleaning around the studio.  School starts on Monday.  I had to destroy the set from the Artificium Project to make room for the new work to come.  Here is a few pictures of Tim and I breaking a sweat and just doing a little classic FSU.  I have also posted the full Artificium story.  I am working toward the final edits and producing a limited edition of books as the final evidence from this long lasting and demanding project.


July 24, 2008

I thought this image was a nice conclusion to Deborah and I’s show.  A little poster weaved into the fabric of a Berlin stop light post.


July 20, 2008

Well, I made it.  The opening happened and Deborah and I enjoyed it.  I am going to sleep now.  Here is some images of my piece.  I put Greg in the show and my storybook from the Artificium Project.  People seemed to really enjoy it.  I will post some better images soon.



June 25, 2008

I turned on the studio work juice a few days ago to get a new image for the show card.  But I was unable to get a piece photo worthy.  Sometimes that is how it goes.  No big deal, I can use a picture from the Artificium Project.  I think I will incorporate a version of that story and photographs into the show.  Since no one here has seen it.  I have been working on this paper hot air balloon shape.  Here is a few studio shots of the first part of the balloon.  Greg’s legs decided to blow up in the kiln, so I have a little epoxy work ahead of me but I think it can be done.  I saw a hedgehog last night outside the studio with Thomas.  It was about four feet from me.  It was a fine late night surprise.  He just kept rummaging through the bushing eating insects, he didn’t seem to mind us.  I leave for Copenhagen in the morning.  I am excited to see a danish city.


And those legs for days…

I ventured to the technology museum a few days ago.  It was a very nice arrangement of old boats, brewery parts, film, photo, flight, car, and train histories.  The museum is quite new so it feels organized and even somewhat fancy.  It has many interactive qualities which I do enjoy.  They had four of Otto Lilienthal’s glider’s who is a crazy Germany who created gliders off of studies from birds in 1893.  He crushed his spine on one of his experimental flights, just like charlie the dog, what a way to go out.  I have been working in the studio on a hippo and a small penguin.  I also bought some wood slats to build a small cart for the hippo.  I also bought this hot air balloon pattern at the technology museum so I think I am going to construct some balloon shapes out of paper.  I leave for Denmark on Thursday for that seminar I posted earlier about, I will also spend a few days in Copenhagen.  It will be a nice break from Berlin.  Our show cards go to the designer on next Monday so I have to get an image together for the show before I leave.  It can be done.  It is helpful to have a deadline.


Here is Otto.


A fabulous folk tale flying ship and an old submarine.


An old aerodynamic machine and the outside train depot with a one of a kind watertower.


An innovative boat arrangement and a train car from the Third Reich.  They even had all of the Nazi tableware and the train servers and engineer’s clothing (all with the Eagle on the Swastika memorabilia).

It was a bummer this museum didn’t publish a catalogue because I would have most certainly bought it.

Relaxing Evening

June 9, 2008

Today I rearranged my room and picked it up.  I did the same in the kitchen.  It feels a little more like my place now and I like that.  It was if today I realized that this will be my home of sorts for the next eight weeks and it feels more like that now.  Tonight I had dinner with Jessica, Adrian, Tillman, Kaja, Thomas, and a few other friends.  It was a going away party for Adrian and Jessica.  Adrian is a furniture designer who has worked with Tillman in Berlin designing wood playgrounds for children.  Jessica was on a fellowship from the German government for the last year at The Ceramic Centre working and doing research.  They are both very nice and Adrian has shown me some fine adventures around the city.  In all of it though it was just so special to sit around and be with these people tonight.  Sometimes the conversation was in German but with the smiles and laughter you feel apart of it all and other times you hear Thomas make jokes or Kaja make funny puns about German language to American.  For Example when she arrived in the states one joke is when people tell their dogs to go outside they say “go potty” But Kaja had this popular stereotype that Americans are big party people so she always assumed that the family were telling there dog to “go party.”  So at a point tonight Kaja says “nice party.”  We all got it, and with the German accent it is quite funny.  Anyway, we sat around candlelight tonight drinking wine and beer, eating cheese, and just being together, it was what I like, and I enjoyed it.

Last night I went over to Dave and Erin’s for a BBQ.  O’ yah a little hamburger in Berlin, not bad at all.  Today I went to the Flea Market.  It was crazy.  They had everything there.  They had your standard old guy with all of these objects straight out of the basement.  Also you had young artists selling there own lines of handmade clothing.  You all must know how I like junk, so I bought a few things for my cloud making machine.  It is part of this story I am putting together with my giraffe.  He will have a machine that transforms objects into clouds.  Then after the flea market I played ultimate in the park.  The parks here are soooo full of people.  They are sun bathing, kids playing, and just couples laying around on blankets.  On the top of the park hill is a huge anti aircraft gunning station still standing from the Third Reich.  It felt good to toss the frisbee for a while.  Then I came home took a nap and read a book for most of the night.  The Old man and the Sea is not bad Cameron.  A nice little sunday.

Berlin…I made it!!

May 23, 2008

I arrived in Berlin a few days ago.  It is a bit odd to think I will be here for the next ten weeks.  My assumption that people speak English here was kind of wrong.  The people speak English but only when they figure out you do.  I walk down the street and hear every language but English.  The food is all written in German, the signs, the advertisements, the dinner menus, the beer labels, and pretty much anything and everything else I have found so far.  I guess this might be a case of a mild culture shock or maybe just an unexpected realization of my own ignorance.  English is a second language, ha, who would have thought?  However, all things considered I am settling in, taking a few changes with some odd cheeses and salami, and finding my way around the neighborhood.  I am in Pankow which is a neighborhood in Eastern Berlin.  I am living and working at the Zentrum Fur Keramik, translated the Ceramic Center.  Here is a few pictures of my new home for the next couple of months.


                              The House

                             The Studio